Third Generation Grande Prairie Company Expands Operations

by Audrey
GP Daily Herald-Tribune, LSM adds plumbing to the mix, Sept 28/16

Read Grande Prairie's Daily Herald-Tribune article - "LSM adds plumbing to the mix," by Jocelyn Turner, September 28, 2016.

LSM Lee's Sheet Metal has taken the bold step of expanding services during an economic down-turn. Effective April 2016, LSM added Plumbing and Prime Mechanical Contracting to their growing list of products and services. Starting up in 1964 with residential forced-air heating, LSM branched out in 2007 to form the LSM Group of Companies offering Residential, Commercial and Industrial HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), HVAC Service, as well as Manufacturing, and
Powder Coat Painting. Co-owner and LSM (2007) Ltd CEO, Gordon Provencher, attributes the latest decision, "as a necessary step to meet the growing demands of a loyal customer base. A good number of our customers have been
telling us that we should expand our product offerings in this direction, as they are closely related to what we now provide and they prefer to do more business with relationships such as LSM that they have grown to know and trust over time. Also, it is during slow times that you have the opportunity to reassess and build upon your strengths verses the busy times when resources are stretched keeping up with fast growing customer demands. For this reason, we think the time for expansion is now." 

Since installing and servicing their first furnace system in Grande Prairie in 1964, LSM continues to survive the test of time. Managing growing customer demands during the boom times and persevering through the economic downturns that followed, has provided many valued lessons along the way. One such lesson according to Company Founder, Lee Merlo, "is the unwavering promise to exceed customer expectations, and support the people and communities in which you serve, while providing quality products and service. This core value is reflected in the company's slogan of "Supporting our community since 1964 - with quality proven over time."

Much has changed over the 50 plus years that LSM has grown, however the respect and dedication to employees stands true. "Employees have always been seen as a keystone to our success," says Pete Merlo, former CEO and President of the LSM Group of Companies. "Our succession plan is proof of this as we now enter a third generation of ownership which includes numerous long term employee/owners within the various companies, including an employee profit sharing program within the Service Division. I am a true believer that the successful companies of the future will be those that engage their employees to the fullest. Engagement not only by allowing a piece of ownership in their jobs, but by setting the example through corporate social responsibility and engaging them in volunteerism and shared common support of the communities in which they live."

In an environment of job lay-offs, downsizing and negative outlooks, LSM is hiring, expanding, and is extremely excited. With the support of over 100 local employees, and a number of major projects (G.P. Regional Hospital and Roy Bickel School), the future looks bright indeed.