20 Jul

Air Exchange Switch

by Audrey

Facebook post.  This switch won't make your house collapse if you press it (lol).  It's your air to air exchange switch.  This is an air exhaust system that activates your furnace to circulate the air in your home and in turn brings in fresh air.  In an average home this switch typically is programmed to come on and run for 20 minutes and then shut off.  It may do this three or more times in one day.

If you see this type of switch, it's a programmable switch.  If nothing is displayed in the window, it may mean it's in "manual mode". If it's in "manual mode" click the button (square panel below the screen) to turn the system on and let it run for 20 minutes, click again to turn it off.  Do this a few times per day.  In addition to bringing in fresh air, it will help clear up humidity build-up from cooking or showers, etc. 

If you want to switch it to the "program mode", click and hold the panel below the screen.  If nothing happens or the program doesn't activate it, you may have to program it.  This square panel (below the screen) opens to reveal the program buttons.  See instructions on how to program a model that looks like the one in this picture.

To read more about the different timers.