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Sheet Metal has more instructional (technical training) time than any other trade. No other trade does four periods of school, at 10 weeks per period, 40 weeks total. Instrumentation Technician is close, with two periods of eight weeks, and two periods of 10 weeks, for 36 weeks. Electrician is tied, with three periods of eight, and the final period of school being 12 weeks. Refrigeration is next, with four periods, eight weeks each for 32 weeks. Sheet Metal is Alberta's most educated trade.

To compare, if you were to go to school to get a Bachelor of Arts degree, you would spend approximately 1560 hours in the classroom. With Sheet Metal, you'll put in over 1200 hours. All of a sudden, those numbers aren't too far apart. The difference is that for a B.A. you'll spend close to $20,000 for the four-year degree. With Sheet Metal tuition will run you approximately $4000.

However, after a four-year Arts Degree, graduates can expect to make $33,000 annually. With a Journeyperson certificate, that number is at least double and has the potential to be much greater if the employee puts in overtime, runs crews, trains others, and advances to supervisory positions. Not only that, but instead of working part-time jobs in the year and doing temporary work in the summer like a university student would, you'll get up to 5700 hours of on-the-job training. That means that in that four-year time, you will gross over $110,000 (not including EI benefits). Not bad, considering that as a University student, your income during the same period might be half that, if you're lucky and it likely wouldn't be related to your career; meaning that you will have to start at the bottom when you're finished school.

The trades are where it's at. The money is good, the people are awesome, the training is challenging. You will reach your potential much faster than a university grad would and it will take you much further than being basic labour. LSM would like to congratulate its trades-people on the steps they've taken so far and encourage them to keep going and achieve their goals.

We ask for a dependable work ethic, good communication skills, the ability to learn, and a solid mechanical aptitude.

If you work in the field, you will also need steel-toed boots and an Alberta Class 5 driver's license.


Consistent, reliable paycheques

With Full-Time employment, you will average a minimum of 40 hours a week, paid every 2nd Friday, and can plan your bills and monthly payments around it.



We're here to make sure that you and your family are taken care of. LSM has a fantastic extended health/dental/drug plan, as well as disability insurance to take care of you should anything happen off the worksite.


Home in the Evenings

We typically work 8 am until 4:30 pm. Our shop employees sometimes work from 11 am until 7:30 pm. We realize that our employees have families and we encourage them to spend time with those they love.


Vacation paid out on every cheque

The company pays out 4% STAT pay and 6% Vacation pay on every cheque, instead of banking it and paying out at the end of the year, which would translate to paying more in taxes. It's like having an extra 10% base pay.



IMG-20120807-00523Overtime is paid out at time and a half, and is after 8 hours in a day, or 44 straight time hours in a week.

We restrict you to no more than 12 hours of work in a day. After 12 hours, you may lose your focus and your edge, and become an unsafe threat to yourself and those around you. We'd rather have you home safe and here tomorrow.


Career development & training

We want you to progress in your career. We want to put you on a track so that you will have on-the-job learning and a post secondary education. In four years you could be a Certified Tradesperson. A Journeyperson in your designated trade is a ticket that is good across Alberta and Canada. Working at LSM is an investment in yourself, your future, and your family's future.

We also encourage our employees to participate in life-long learning. We want our workforce to be versatile, safe, and competent. We offer a large range of courses a year, and may also pay for some of your private courses and certifications. The learning never stops.


Continued and Sustainable Growth

LSM, much like other companies in the city, is undergoing an aggressive growth phase. Our work is not seasonal, and is consistently increasing. We need committed, reliable, full-time employees.


IMGP2714Very little weekend work

Imagine getting your weekends back and being able to have a life again! Sometimes, employees are asked to work 4 hours on Saturdays, from 8 am to 12 pm. Employees that want to can work all the Saturdays they want. Employees are rarely ever asked to work Sundays.


Guaranteed rates and raises

With us, you have a set apprenticeship scale that you can bank on. Money that you know you will be able to receive, if you meet the qualifications.

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Merit Pay

Not everyone here is governed by the bottom rates. Many of our individuals are extremely hard workers and go above and beyond what is reasonably expected of them. They're here for the company, and as a result, the company is here for them. Our apprentices are guaranteed the minimum rates as they progress through, but over 60% of our apprentices are being paid higher than the standard rate.


Staff Events

Every LSM member contributes $5 a month to a staff fund, which goes to wedding/baby gifts, get-well & sympathy gifts, as well as a number of other company-endorsed events such as:

Curling Bonspiel, Paintball, Family Christmas Party with Santa, Golf Tournament, Family BBQ, Employee Appreciation Night (Adult Christmas Party), Family Skating & Swimming, Pool Tournament, and various other sports teams.

Community Caring Company

LSM has its roots in the community, and we've been here since 1964. We do quality work for our customers and clients, and give back to the community through various organizations such as the United Way, the Community Foundation of Greater Grande Prairie, Native Groups, Academic Organizations, Sports Leagues, Alberta's Promise Youth Foundation, Cancer Groups, and many other charitable branches.



LSM has a safety culture that is a model for others in the construction industry. Here, all employees are safely trained and responsible for their safety, as well as those around them. We ensure that you are competently trained on the equipment and know the hazards of the workplace. We want all of our employees to go home safe at the end of each day, and at the end of their career here.

Now ask yourself, " I ready for this kind of opportunity?"
"Quality through people"


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