11 Jul
by Audrey
Gordy wins Eric P. Newell

LSM's CEO, Gordy Provencher, is awarded the Eric P. Newell Award of Excellence from Careers: The Next Generation. This award is in recognition of outstanding contribution to CAREERS - for leadership, championship and support of CAREER's vision and mission.

Read more about CAREERS: The Next Generation.

26 Jul
by Audrey
Air conditioning installation

 In Grande Prairie, we can have humidity issues in our homes (summer vs winter).

In the summer we have higher humidity and the higher it gets, the hotter it feels. When sized correctly, air conditioning will remove the moisture as it cools the home, resulting in a more comfortable cool.

In the winter we usually have the opposite problem. As our furnaces run, the ductwork brings in fresh air and when that air is heated, the relative humidity can be very low. Adding a humidifier for the winter months will increase the humidity which will make the home feel a bit warmer and more comfortable.

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17 May
by Audrey
Energy Efficiency Alberta rebates

We're pleased to announce that we are an approved contractor for water heater replacement installations in the Energy Efficiency Alberta's Home Improvement Rebate Program. Visit www.efficiencyalberta.ca for more information or call us at 780-532-4418 or send us an email.